Friday, March 26, 2010

Moonshine and Everclear Taste Test

I don't know exactly why I bought the corn whiskey. I was curious about moonshine, and it's moonshine corn whiskey made by Junior Johnson, a Nascar driver whose family has been in the moonshine business for a long time. This bottle is legal for some reason, and a friend told me it tastes much better than the moonshone he drank as a kid in Aberdeen, Washington.

The Everclear is something I keep around to make holiday fruit explosions and bitters, and it's fun to offer to people at a party.

The taste test between these two revealed:

  • The corn whiskey was an abhorrence. Cleaning chemical nose, blistering on the palate and with a faint cheap whiskey note. It made the Everclear look good.

  • The Everclear was wild tasting, with an acid nose, incinerating on the palate and with no flavor notes at all. From here on out I'm only using it with blueberries and kiwi.

I will be looking for other ways to get rid of the corn whiskey, and right now it is in the running for a birthday gift for my brother, maybe made into sweet jelly for his morning toast.


Kristopher Gawron said...

Most alcoholic drinks with high in alcohol content can be pretty lacking in the taste department. Everclear's 151 or 190-proof can be too strong for you to notice any actual flavor. It's best to mix it with something to get a good buzz and flavor at the same time.

Alicia Arter said...

Thanks Kristopher! I was actually interested in the contrast of flavors. There is some in there! My latest is Icelandic vodka, which actually has herbal notes in it.