Friday, July 3, 2009

Rum, rye and beer for the 4th of July

The signers of The Declaration of Independence were fervent beer and rum drinkers back in the day. In the European tradition, and with 18th century water purity often dicey, the new Americans knocked back beer for breakfast and rum as often as they could.
To this end cocktail savant James MacWilliams of
Seattle's Canlis Restaurant gives us a proper potion for the 4th of July: the Declaration Cocktail. So much more than a boilermaker, the rye, rum and beer are melded by the goodly amount of brown sugar syrup. Keep the rest of the beer in a pewter vessel and you’re very 1776.
If you can’t make it to Canlis for this jubilant quaff you can make it at home. Here’s the recipe in James’s own words. Here’s to America – Happy Birthday!

The Declaration:
In 12 oz glass, mug or glass drinking boot pour:
- 1oz. Pyrat XO rum (any fruity rum will do but we did commit mutiny after all)
- .75oz. Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, high proof and spicy.
- .75oz. brown sugar syrup (simple syrup made with brown sugar)
- 6 oz. Ale ( I like something malty with some body. Firestone Walker Double Barrel Ale is my choice, and is close to the beer Thomas Jefferson might have brewed. - James MacWilliams

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probably would work for the rest of July? Cool picture